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Hi, I’m Jaime and welcome to “The Sky is Crawling” podcast, a series exploring the strange and the unknown.

Episode 2: Displace the Space

One event that baffled me for years happened in late autumn of 2003. I was driving my car through and electrical storm, and I had a passenger with me this time. This encounter could be explained in several ways, and I’ll be exploring them in this episode. A drive that should have taken no more than two hours was completed in about 30 minutes through blinding rain, thunder and lightning on dimly lit side roads. Did we go through some sort of worm hole? A dimensional shift? Or were we saved from impending doom by E.T.s who teleported us out of danger to the other side of the state?

Many people have reported missing time. It usually starts by taking a short walk or drive, but when they return, it’s much later than it should have been. Hours and sometimes days go by instead of minutes.  Sometimes friends and family are left worrying because their loved ones don’t come back when they’re expected. When they finally do come home, they think only a few minutes have passed and are perplexed at why everyone is frantic from worry. I had the opposite experience. I didn’t lose time, I gained it.

My friend and I were visiting my parents one evening in late Autumn of 2003. We ate supper, spoke about current events and watched TV on the couch. A local news bulletin interrupted the evening movie and warned of a strong electrical storm sweeping the area. If we wanted to avoid it, we needed to go right away. It had already begun to rain, and I was worried we would get stuck in traffic or worse. The newscasters were warning drivers to stay home, but of course, I didn’t listen.

We grabbed our belongings and got in my car. I looked at the clock on the dashboard and it read 8:21 PM. As the rain grew heavier, I knew we’d be getting home much later than usual. Having taken this trip many times, I knew it would take about an hour and 15 minutes to go door to door on a normal night with light traffic. This was before GPS was standard in cars, and flip phones with pullout antennas were all the rage. Being someone who is borderline neurotic about being on time to everything, I estimated the time of arrival so I could try to beat it or at least match it. After many years of playing, I’d gotten very good at this game and it kept me focused on my destination.

I was still in the driveway as I readied myself, strapping in and setting the windshield wipers to full speed. I was already having a hard time just seeing a few feet in front of me, and with this kind of weather, there would surely be major slowdowns, especially on the highways. I decided it would be best to take the side roads to avoid any heavy traffic or potential accidents. These roads weren’t well-lit, and most had long stretches of darkness, but we would be avoiding unnecessary hazards with this route. I made the call. Avoiding the highways and driving on sparsely lit roads through the heart of an electrical storm would slow us down plenty, but I did my best to drive us as safely as possible given the turbulent conditions.

I estimated we’d be home by 10:30 PM if we were fortunate enough. The clock read 8:23 PM when I pulled my car out of the driveway. I carefully made my way through the neighborhood, but even driving at slow speeds was a challenge. The rain was so fierce I had great difficulty seeing through the windows into the darkness in front of me. I might as well have been driving a submarine with a broken headlight. I didn’t have a good feeling about it, but I needed to get home to prepare for work the next day.

The lightning was getting worse by the minute. I was driving a brand new all-wheel drive car, but I was becoming increasingly worried about being able to see far enough into the road to avoid any sudden obstacles. I didn’t make any small talk because my focus was solely on the road ahead, so my friend decided to turn on the radio. I asked her to pop in and shuffle an 80s mix CD I had burned from my collection. It was my go-to music when I wanted to relax and focus on my driving. It helped take my mind off my worries.

Billy Idol’s White Wedding started playing and I raised the volume to keep the ferocious thunder claps from startling me.

The following events that happened in the cockpit of my car were strange enough for me to take notice and I was thoroughly confused by what I witnessed.

The CD player started skipping wildly on Billy Idol’s track. I found it odd because it was a brand-new CD and the player had never skipped before, even with heavily scratched CDs I habitually shoved into the glove compartment with no regard. I was annoyed and tried to restart the track, but the controls were useless.

When I tried to eject the CD, the lights on my dashboard started blinking erratically. The car seat underneath me started to pulsate. Both my friend and I thought that perhaps the electrical system shorted out somehow. Maybe there was a leak somewhere and the rain was making its way into some wires. I focused my attention on my driving as the lights flickered on and off. Billy Idol’s music was still popping in and out of the speakers in random order, adding an eerie soundtrack you would sometimes hear in movies when something ominous is about to happen, but I still managed to feel at ease and safe, although rather perplexed at the skipping music and the dancing dashboard light show.

I had the feeling something wasn’t quite right, but I did my best to keep my cool. The rain was beating down relentlessly on my windshield and the wipers weren’t being much help. I didn’t know what was happening, but the simplest explanation we came up with was an electrical glitch, or perhaps a left over electrical charge from a lightning strike that may have shorted out something in my car. I was digging to find a reasonable and logical explanation, and I couldn’t come up with anything better.

Even through these glitches on treacherous roads, I had no fear. I knew everything would be just fine, and my confidence renewed when a few seconds later, the music stopped skipping and the dashboard lights stopped flashing. The CD rewound back to the beginning and played through just fine. This was first and only time this CD player had ever skipped in the five years I owned that car. As the torrential rain waned and became a drizzle, I found myself being able to see more of the road ahead, and merged safely onto the exit that led home. My friend didn’t make much of a fuss about what happened and just laughed it off, but I knew deep down inside that we had just witnessed something remarkable. We drove a few more minutes and I dropped her off at her home.

I took out my phone and called my mother. She was worried and adamant about me not driving through the storm, and I wanted her to know we arrived safely. My mother sounded frantic when she answered the line. Before I could say hello, she cut me off and asked, “are you ok? Did you get into an accident?”

“No mom, I just got to her house. Everything’s ok. Why are you panicking?”

My mom was absolutely flabbergasted. “That’s not possible, you left our house just thirty minutes ago!”

My mother was seriously mistaken. I scoffed and looked at the clock on the dashboard, and it read 8:55 PM. A wave of confusion hit me as  I thought to myself “that can’t be right. Maybe that dashboard light show screwed up the clock somehow. That would explain it.” I looked down at my phone to see what time it really was and the screen displayed 8:55 PM in big bright LCD pixels. My eyes widened and my heart raced. My friend had already left the car, and I looked around in utter disbelief. I drove through a dangerous electrical storm on dark roads going 35 MPH with very little visibility.

This drive that would normally take me little over an hour with pristine conditions, and I made it in about 30 minutes through a very rough storm. That’s impossible!

I quickly got out of my car to catch up to my friend. I wanted to ask her if she realized what we had just gone through, but she didn’t seem affected by it at all. Did her mind refuse to acknowledge something was completely off? I knew something incredible had just occurred and I had no way of explaining it, but I, too had trouble processing it. When you believe the universe is supposed to work a certain way and you witness it break it’s own rules, our mind does its best to keep us shielded from it. We’ve hypnotized ourselves en masse to fear the unknown and reject that which threatens our self-realized illusion of security. It’s a stagnant and boring existence and I knew better.

Those who have witnessed or experienced these strange occurrences with me don’t seem to want to speak about them. Sometimes they don’t even register. When something very strange happens, they shut it out and move on, and this time wasn’t any different. After that night, no one spoke of it again. I find this wildly peculiar. One would think that such an event would be investigated or at least debated, but there was nothing but silence. This behavior tends to lend more credence to the argument against my sanity.

‘Did you see that? What the hell was that? I’m not going crazy, right?” They see it, still shaking their heads in disbelief with bewildered eyes and later dismissed, but I wasn’t letting it go that easily. I searched for natural phenomena that would be able to help me explain what happened. I read about wormholes, but it would take an unimaginable amount of energy to fold two points in space with our current understanding of science. I considered time somehow managed to slow down, but I didn’t feel as if I were in my car for two hours. I was running out of ideas. Maybe it didn’t happen, and maybe I just imagined it all, but that doesn’t account for both my parents and my friend witnessing and having been directly involved in this phenomenal encounter with the supernatural. I related this story to a few of my close friends and they came up with the same and unlikely explanations I did. It just seemed too far-fetched to have something out of a science fiction movie occur in my own backyard. Why did this happen to me?

It wasn’t the last time I was to have these otherworldly experiences while driving my car. They all seem to start off in the same manner; the electronics and the lights on the dashboard malfunction right before some fantastic event begins to unfold. In many instances, I’ve had someone in the car to witness it with me, and they don’t want to speak about it afterwards. They may be terrified of losing their grip on reality and I don’t blame them, but I consider these to be miracles that have become a regular and often occurrence as I grow older and align more with my soul’s purpose that must be expressed through my human potential.

Over a decade later, I believe I’ve uncovered the meaning of what happened during that storm. In 2003, I had no reason to suspect E.T.s and UFOs. I’m a proponent of science.

Aliens in spaceships were science fiction in my book, but it seems the mantids were at it again.

As insane as that may sound, it’s the only reasonable explanation that doesn’t involve my parents, friend and I hallucinating all of it, or that we safely traveled through folded space and landed exactly on the exit we were supposed to take. It’s incredulous to think nature’s shortcut comes equipped with GPS.

I’ve decided to believe the mantids are constantly monitoring me for purposes that we, at some point, had agreed upon. They keep this body safe while I’m under contract with them and I do whatever it is I’m supposed to do down here. It’s not as harrowing as it may sound. To date, this has always been a mutually beneficial contract, and it had been set up by all parties involved a long time ago, longer than I’d ever imagined.

These scenarios are constant and ancient. I didn’t just come up with this idea overnight. It took years of research combined with my many personal experiences for me to finally give in to the assumption that all of this may have simply been E.T. intervention. There have been many more instances where I’ve been “saved” or “moved” to a safe location either through intense telepathic instruction or teleportation. For now, it’s the only explanation that makes sense to me even through it doesn’t always make a whole lot sense. I don’t really want to believe it either.

I Imagine my car and everyone in it was teleported to a safe location outside of the storm to prevent some sort of potential event that may have hurt or killed me or my friend. How does one even begin to explain that? I believe we needed to be alive, and we stayed that way with their assistance.

Out of all the explanations I’ve explored with my limited understanding of science, this one would probably take the least amount of energy and effort, and I imagine it would probably not be as dangerous to our physical reality as folding space would. It isn’t far-fetched to me that an advanced intelligence monitoring the purpose of humanity can take a few of tons of metal and transport it to another location without using the same mechanics we’ve used to benchmark our own understanding of the rules the physical universe. Our understanding of the greater unknown is limited by our own technological advancement, and it doesn’t have to be what we’ve seen in Star Trek or Stargate either.

I’m forever grateful for having had this and other experiences and being able to fully remember them. I believe it’s no accident that I was allowed once more to recollect a puzzling encounter with the unknown. The unknown and I seem to be soulmates that more than occasionally cross paths. I get to experience profound events that fundamentally rock my understanding of existence in this unimaginably vast universe, and this was just one of the many bizarre events in my life that others have experienced with me. Sometimes I want to believe that I imagined all of this and that none of it ever really happened, but where would that leave me? It was my experience, and it was real enough to me. Maybe too real. Were we saved from some impending doom? I want to believe so.

So what’s the lesson here? I’m sure there are plenty, but I can surely say that after all this, I’m more open to the understanding that there is far more to our universe than we can possibly fathom with our human minds. Maybe the lesson is about being open to new ideas and concepts that our current understanding of science cannot yet explain. Maybe the lesson is that we’re never alone, and that some of us have decided to partake in the kind of life where the unknown makes itself known, repeatedly. Maybe the answer lies in magic. Maybe it’s all in my mind. I’m still searching for those answers and will continue to until I have nothing left to uncover.

This concludes Episode 2 of the Sky is Crawling, titled: “Displace the Space”

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