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It was a gray afternoon in the summer of 1996 when I received my first lesson in seeing my potential and immediate future. I spontaneously entered an altered state of consciousness that bordered on being an out-of-body experience. This altered state granted me access to visions of a future timeline that repeated itself with different scenarios, and they continued to repeat until I made the choices that led to the best outcome. Was it precognition, clairvoyance or time travel? Did I create the reality that most suited the situation? In any case, it saved my life and possibly the lives of others.

Episode 3: A Game of Life or Death

I was working a new job in Newark, NJ. I planned on saving money to continue my education, and this was a good way to do it. I was struggling to make ends meet, and I lost my car when I couldn’t afford the sky rocketing insurance premiums. I had been involved in a car accident the year before, and although no one was seriously injured, I suffered substantial psychological trauma. I avoided getting behind the wheel of a car for years. I didn’t know how or where to get help, and I just couldn’t allow that accident to escape from my thoughts.

My neighbor Diane helped me get a decent position at the airport. I’d always been fascinated with airplanes, and having just left my previous employer a few days earlier, having this opportunity fall on my lap at that moment was very fortunate for many reasons. Our mutual friends Beth and Eve worked with us and lived nearby in our neighborhood. We’d car pool to work each day and instead of driving, I’d help with the gas and tolls.

It had rained all day, and we were in for some rough times when we arrived for work. Airport delays had left thousands of passengers stranded or missing their connecting flights. The fog and inclement weather forced many scheduled flights to redirect to Newark, the safest of all three of New York City’s international airports that morning. We were dealing with the chaos for two shifts without a break. We finally helped the last passenger, and were ready to go home. We shared our horror stories with each other while we made our way to the parking lot.

I had an immediate sense of foreboding when I sat down in the passenger seat of Eve’s dark blue and beat up mid 80s Ford Mustang. Diane and Beth were the most exhausted, and we agreed they should sit in the back seat to nap. It was Eve’s turn to drive, and mine to be up front. I habitually reached over my shoulder to fasten my safety belt, but it wasn’t there. I looked over at Eve and pointed to the missing parts as she fastened herself in. She chuckled nervously, and assured me she would drive us safely. I wasn’t happy about putting myself in a situation wrought with potential danger, but I went along with it because I desperately wanted to get home and sleep off the day. What were the chances of us getting into an accident? 100 percent.

I was already on edge as I stared off into the distance. Not having a safety belt worried me. It was still raining, and Eve was driving a little too fast for my state of mind. Just as we approached the highway, I felt a pop in my head followed by a loud swoosh. I was suddenly shifted into an altered state of consciousness I wasn’t familiar with. I was fully aware and there were many distractions grasping for my attention, but something felt very different. It had the quality of a day dream, except instead of fleeting and hazy, it was concrete and vivid. It didn’t feel like it was coming from me. I was being injected with visions from an outside source and I’d never felt anything like it before.

I found myself as the audience of a movie that was projected into my mind’s eye. It revealed a worst-case scenario involving a large accident on the bridge we would soon be crossing. I was shown a pileup of cars that had collided into each other after losing control on the slippery pavement. In this vision, Eve was driving too fast for the road conditions, at about 60 miles per hour. Before she could react, she slammed into an old, light blue hatchback. I was able to make out university bumper stickers just as I felt the impact. I left my body, floated above the scene and saw myself violently thrashed like a rag doll. The dashboard crushed my chest and ripped through my abdomen as I was flung head first through the windshield, dying instantly. The shock snapped me out of my all-too-real day dream.

My eyes had been open throughout the vision, but I wasn’t able to see the real world around me until I shook my head in bewilderment. It seemed my trauma and the lack of a safety belt was getting the better of me. What I’d just fantasized was deeply disturbing and graphic. I reached for my safety belt again in the hope that I had missed it the first time, but it still wasn’t there. I looked back at Diane and Beth. They were both fast asleep and safely harnessed in. I turned to face the oncoming road, doing my best to snap out of my panic when I felt the pop and heard the swoosh once again. My consciousness shifted with the flip of a switch, and I was back in my mind’s eye.

I knew something very different was happening. I’d never experienced my outside world being replaced by visions of a quality and clarity that rivaled what I experienced every day with my physical senses.

This vision was identical to the first except I had the urge to play around and affect the outcome with different choices. It was clear to me that I should go with it, and I did. The visions became a game to me. My goal was to stay alive and keep my friends safe. I needed to figure out the right combination of choices that would lead to all of us arriving home in one piece. The visions would always start and end the same way; merging onto the highway and our car colliding with that old blue hatchback. Every time the vision repeated, it changed with the choices I made.

I kept dying at the end of the first few visions, but I was having a fun time problem solving my demise through these odd fantasies. In one scenario, I made a decision that didn’t end with my death, but I still suffered serious injury that I would never fully recover from. In another scenario, our car was crushed and pinned from the rear by a truck, but we escaped with minor injuries. There was also a scenario where our car had flipped over the barrier, and slid into the pile up on the other side of the bridge. Being the one not strapped in, I’d always get the brunt of the hit. These scenarios seemed to repeat themselves endlessly, but I had the feeling I was getting help from somewhere else.

I went through many sequences before I finally reached a simple and viable solution. I’d need to convince Eve to slow down, and just before the point of impact, I’d hold my forehead with my right hand and cross my left forearm over my sternum. In the final vision, making and acting on these decisions saved my life with just a light tap on my forehead hitting the windshield. The game was over and I was amused at what I had regarded at the time, to be a very absurd, wild and vivid example of imagination fueled by past trauma, and exacerbated by not having a safety belt available. The mind loves to play tricks after all, but something didn’t feel right.

My fear didn’t dissipate, and I was overcome with an uncontrollable urge to enact my last vision in the real world. I hesitated for a moment when I realized we were just about to get to the bridge I had died on a half dozen times and maimed a half dozen more. I felt a powerful and compelling urge to act, almost as if something alien was pushing the thoughts through my brain and out of my mouth. Without thinking, I blurted out, “Eve, you might want to slow down. I think I see police lights up ahead and you don’t want to get a speeding ticket. Besides, the road is very slippery, and your car isn’t the best in the rain.”

I held my breath. Eve squinted her eyes as she leaned into her steering wheel trying to look for the police lights I’d just mentioned. When she didn’t slow down, I firmly asked Eve once more to reduce her speed, and she finally started to ease up on the gas. I looked at the speedometer and watching the needle drop calmed my feeling of dread. She was finally starting to slow down to a safer speed but the urge to act was only getting stronger.

When I looked up, I immediately recognized what I was seeing. The police lights and the same old hatchback we hit at high speed were just a few yards between us and the pile up of cars that had lost control on the slippery pavement. I instinctively yet unnaturally covered my face and forehead with my right hand. I then folded my left arm over my sternum exactly as I had done in the final vision that saved my life. Eve slammed on the breaks, but it was no use. Her tires were worn and hydroplaned. We were headed straight into the back of the stopped hatchback, and it all played out in slow motion as we slid across that bridge. I caught the university bumper stickers through my fingers as the pile up grew closer. I braced myself in the odd position I had imagined, and we rammed into the back of the hatchback.

Everything happened exactly as the best-case scenario vision had shown me. Eve had slowed her car down just enough to prevent the momentum from launching me head first through the windshield, into the rear of the hatchback and dead onto the pavement. Instead, my right hand protected my face, and my forearm kept the sharp dashboard from injuring my ribs and sternum. I only managed to slightly crack the windshield with my knuckles and bounced back into my seat. Time resumed its usual pace. My hand stung a little, but the pain faded quickly. Unbelievably there was no damage to either car.

It took me a few seconds to regain my bearings. “Did that just happen? Did I just see the future? Was I able to change it?” I was barely 21 years old and I didn’t know what to do with this experience. I had little interest in psychic phenomena, and I had no idea what it entailed other than fairy tale tarot card readings and crystal energy hogwash. I had no foundation to comprehend what had happened to me other than accepting it as an utterly ridiculous and detailed coincidence.

Even then I knew better. This event was too bizarre to be labeled a simple coincidence. The future happened to play out exactly as it had in my vision just minutes before, in the exact location at the exact time and with the exact outcome. This was nothing like Miss Cleo predicting who you’ll marry, how many children you’ll have and when you’ll land that dream job. This saved my life, and everyone in our car and the people in the hatchback were unharmed.

I was beside myself with what had just occurred. I decided to keep it to myself, and I wasn’t about to share this with anyone. My mother had always warned me to keep these kinds of things to myself. She was afraid people would think I was crazy or a pathological liar. I wrote it down and kept it hidden inside for years, occasionally bringing it forward to attempt a rational explanation of what happened, but I was never content with anything I ever came up with. There was always something missing, but through the years, I would eventually discover more pieces to this mysterious puzzle.

I spent time piecing theories together to prove my sanity to myself. I wanted to believe I wasn’t mad or imaging things. The sheer absurdity and the real quality of this experience led me to discount spontaneous hallucination or simple coincidence. I hadn’t yet been exposed to the new age concept of our thoughts creating our reality, but a small part of me struggled with the idea that my past trauma and fear caused a big pile up to manifest. Through self-preservation, my ego and subconscious joined forces to keep me safe from the harm that I had willed into existence, but why would I ever put myself and others in harm’s way with such a dangerous game of chicken with the universe?

If I were to truly believe the concept of manifesting one’s reality, fear should never be a catalyst for hurting others, and I don’t want to believe we are even allowed to have that kind of power down here. Making the choice to harm another sentient being and physically acting on that choice is the only way I understood and believed the universe functioned. As absurd as it sounded to me and given the extraordinary circumstances, a theory based on the magical foretelling of the future was the only thing I hesitantly allowed myself to consider, but I’d need scientific and not mystical validation.

I began my research on the physics of time and space. I also focused some time learning about well-known clairvoyants. I had a difficult time wrapping my head around what I considered to be nothing more than charlatans selling snake oil, but the interesting concepts around quantum mechanics came to my attention. My focus shifted to something called probable realities. This concept fascinated me because it hadn’t been proved or disproved, and was being explored in science-fiction. I was comfortable in this area and I was ready to uncover more. Understanding probable realities wasn’t too far-fetched for me. Individuals and groups making choices, ultimately leading to compounding consequences cascading through time and space, was an acceptable and normal belief system for me.

I struggled with how and why I was able to see and experience a probable future reality based on my current trajectory, and then alter it enough to witness the outcome of alternate probable future realities. I simply saw the future and I tweaked it to my benefit! But how did I do this? Was it done for me by an external force? Could I do it again? Has anyone else experienced this other than me? Am I making this all up? It wasn’t the first time I saw an accurate representation of the future or would it be the last time. Some were subtle, others were a blow horn to the ear, but they have always been spontaneous.

Today, I see it as a lesson in the greater reality that has been hidden from humanity for longer than what we have accepted as human history. Otherworldly ideas have been sprinkled into core belief systems by organized religions and spiritual movements of all denominations throughout our written history. This may serve to help keep the minds of humanity even slightly open for experiencing or even creating some of the miraculous events we’ve read about as children. I grew up to believe miracles to be nothing but tall tales and allegorical explanations of nature, but now I question everything.

I was given the gift to see my possible death in 1996, a gift that I’ve been given many times. In this event, it was already following a specific trajectory, and I was urged to do something about it. After I found my way to the most beneficial probable reality, I acted on my decisions just in time to manifest the most beneficial outcome. The accident scene was set in place for me to experience this event so that I could explore and eventually share it openly. This could likely be chalked up to coincidence, but the exacting details I witnessed before the event significantly decrease those odds. I was wide awake and hyper-aware even though my consciousness shifted into an altered state. Given the nature of the sensations, the hyper-realism and the awe-inspiring outcome, I would also qualify this as an out-of-body experience. I floated over the scene and saw everything from above in great detail.

I now believe the future is not set in stone, and exists in all probable and possible forms. The scenarios that remain constant may even be designed by a higher intelligence, and that higher intelligence may even be your true higher self. Whatever it may be, you get to choose your own adventure. You’re in control, but sometimes, you might be given a conscious glimpse into what awaits you in the next word, sentence, paragraph, page, chapter or sequel of your own story. You can choose to keep following one path, or you can choose to follow or create any one of the infinite available outcomes available to you. The choice is yours and not bound by destiny or even revelation. The most important lesson for me was that when death comes, I’ll know it and accept it as the next chapter in my story.

What does your future hold for you? The universe can and does serve your destiny on a silver platter, but it’s up to you to take the first bite. Take control of your story and be the hero of your adventures. Learn to experience life through love, kindness and understanding, and watch yourself living in a frequency of light, as you become aware that you truly are the greater reality. We all are.

This concludes Episode 3 of the Sky is Crawling, titled: “A Game of Life or Death”

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